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篇一:英语作文 保护海洋

Ocean----The Hope of The 21st Century

Do you know ? When the astronauts look back to our planet , they discovered that the earth is a water polo in the universe . For thousands of years , we love the sea , but we also feel full of fear . Today , due to the rapid development of science and technology , human is facing a new era of development of ocean . So people say that the 21st century is called the Ocean Century .

As you know , the ocean is a cornucopia , which is rich in oil , coal , gas , etc . But how to exploit ? We need to take a consideration . If we treat ocean as what we did for the land , it maybe dangerous for the ocean . So we need some proper ways to develop the ocean .

So what we should do ? First , I think , we need sustainable exploitation . Uncontrolled exploitation is certain to destroy the ocean . Just look at what we did for the land , you may know the importance . Second , try not to destroy the original environment of the ocean . The marine ecosystem has close internal relations . So the destruction of a small portion will cause irreparable results . The oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico gave us a wake-up call . Third , everyone in the earth needs to protect it . What we can do for the ocean may be just a little , but strength in numbers . If everyone does not throw garbage into the sea , the sea-level fall may come true . The 21st is called Ocean Century , but also called Ocean Protection Century .


Ocean—our hope

As we all know,according to most theories of evolution,,all lives comes from the ocean.So ocean is the mother of all the lives.Humans should take good care of

ocean.,which is not only good for the earth,but also for humans.Many people say that the 21st century is called the Ocean Century,i am deeply in favor of this appoint.

Human society has attained great achievements since the first industrial revolution.Most of people live good lives.we are much happier than anytime in

history.However,with the development of human society,human beings has done great damage to the earth.Many forests disappear from peoples’ sights,more and more animals are not seen in the eyes of people.A lot of people can’t drink clean water,can’t eat enough food.In addition,energy and some minerals become more and more expensive because of shortness and our environment becomes fragile owning to peoples’ over-exploitation.As a result,people move their eyes to the ocean from land.The ocean is hope to human beings.

In order to protect and make good use of our ocean,as far as i’m

concerned,people should take effective measurements.

Firstly,we can hold all kinds of activities which purpose is to raise peoples’ awareness about protecting our ocean.Teachers ought to educate students the knowledge of ocean and not to throw rubbish on the beach or the surface of

ocean.Secondly,government should make rigid laws and rules to protect people from damaging or polluting the ocean.For example,companies and individuals who overexploited fish or discharged sewage to the ocean should be punished deeply.At the same time,people could also make good use of ocean.we can use waves and tide to produce electricity.There is much oil or some other energy under the

ocean.Besides,marine cultivation offers people sustainable seafood and people can have relax on or under the ocean.

The ocean is the mother of human beings,only if people take proper ways to protect and love her can we have a beautiful and happy future.


海洋资源:I was profoundly shocked by what i have seen in the pictures above.This picture is depicted about the history of

commercial fishing.In the left cartoon,there are various kinds of fish swimming in the ocean at ease and only one boat sailing in the sea in 1900.On the contrary,in the right cartoon,in 1995 there are only one fish in the sea but so many fishing-boats.With the rampancy of commercial fishing.the number of fish has declined at an acclerating rate.

The metaphorical and impressive portrayed has subtly revealed the shortage of marine resources and the extinction of

species.Owing to the temptation of profit,some people crazily catch fishes in regardless of the sustainable development of the ocean resources.They think that the exploration of ocean resources is significant of economic growth and ignore /pay little or no attention to its negative/catastrophic/disastrous effects on the

enviroment.This has led to catastrophic declined and even

extinctions of fish.If we continue to exploit the ocean resources unlimitedly and blindly without considering the potential damage to the nature and human beings,It will be exhausted for decades at present speed.

Hence,it is imperative for us to take effective and efficient measures/moves to reverse the disturbing trend illustrated in the

pictures.(It is high time to appealed to the administration and society to combine efforts to step up effective and efficient

action.)For one thing,we should appeal to the authorities to lay strict laws to control commercial fishing.Moreover,It is high time to

cultivate the awareness of people that(the relationship between the exploration and utilization of nature resources and ecological

environmental protection must be handled property in the course of the modernization)/ocean resources are of great significance to us.Only in this way can we protect the ecological environment and natural resources and make our world harmonious,beatific and vigorous./Only thus can the ecological environment and natural resources illustrated in the cartoon be improved/bettered.

流行文化:As is symbolically depicted in the pictures above,one man has written beckham on his face and the other is squandering RMB 300 on Beckhan’s hairstyle.Obviously,they are enthusiastic about football star,Beckham.

The metaphorical and impressive portrayed has indicates the worship for the idol.(the pictures have subtly reflected a current social phenomenon that idol worship is prevalent among the

teenagers .)_Beckham_represents the image of sport hero whose handsome appearance and unparalleled football skills are

passionately adored by all the fans.Owing to the crazy emotion and blind worship to their idols,some people chase after them from one city to another and discontinue their studies.If we go extreme during the process,we will lose ourselves. (The thing which we should be fanatical about is the art itself.)

Rationally speaking,their admiration is superficial and

short-sighted because their attention is mainly concentrated on the physical appearance rather than the soul force of the stars.Famous football player won our favor and earned our respect by their hard work and excellent performance on the football field.What we should learn is their spirit,not their superficial style of living.The society should encourage the young generation to focus their attention on good qualities of their idols.Fashion is often

short-lived,but the ever-lasting memory of a courageous,undaunted and skillful idol is what inspires us in our pursuit for better life and brighter future.

社会责任:As is apparently demonstrated in the picture

that___________________.What a fantastic and

thought-provoking scene it is!

社会方面:The metaphorical and impressive portrayed has subtly revealed the shortage of corporate social responsibility. 或 The cartoon convey the meaning that the social responsibility of entrepreneurs perform an indispensable part in building a successful reputation.For one thing,owing to the temptation of profit,some people crazily pursuit of interests in regardless of the health and safety of our people.It is sheer irresponsibility to ignore /pay little or no attention to its negative/catastrophic/disastrous effects on the social stability and sustainable development. For another, to act as a responsib

le member of the society,each of us should bear social responsibility.Obviously,If this situation continue as it is,we are heading toward catastrophic consequences that will be irreversible.

It is high time to appeal to the administration and society to combine efforts to step up effective and efficient action to control this irresponsible situation of some corporate.The way/ of success of businessman,so profound in its simplicity,is to be responsible for the people and society.Only in this way can we make our world harmonious,beatific and vigorous.


It is subtly demonstrated in the cartoon that a wired football match is going on. I was profoundly shocked by what i have seen in this picture.Which is so ironical/insinuative.There is an old father curls into a football while his three sons and one daughters are play the role of goalkeepers in all four corners to prevent the ball into the goal.They make every effort to keep the ball away.We are informed that old people have nowhere to live and become homeless.

In recent years,the issue of caring the old parents has been brought into the public attentive concern.With the ever-increasing population of the aged.We can easily find that some people shrink the responsibility for taking care of their parents and abandoning their parents.They betray their own conscience to ill-treat their parents who are old and incapable of working.Nothing is more

despicable than leaving the aged in misery and poverty.It should be subjected to moral criticism.If we let this situation go as it is,I firmly believed that it will definitely bring a harmful influence which will be passed down from generation to generation and would threaten to destroy our traditional values.

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